SPIKE Calendar

Spike Calendar Feeds

SPIKE provides calendar "feeds" that make it easy to view calendar events using a mail client or mobile device. These feeds are available for the Wharton events calendar and your course calendar.

There are two ways to use the calendar feeds (summarized below), and the best option will depend on the type of calendar and mobile device you use.

The information for subscriptions and imports is located on SPIKE: Wharton events calendar feeds and course calendar feeds. For detailed information about using calendar feeds, please visit the Wharton Computing Student Support knowledgebase.


Subscribing to a calendar feed displays its events alongside the events in your personal calendar. Subscription calendar items:

  • automatically update when the events change
  • cannot be edited
  • cannot be synced with other calendars (although you can subscribe to the same calendar feed in multiple places)
  • Exception: Google calendar subscriptions will display on Android-based phones. They will also display on other common phones using Google Sync.


Importing a calendar feed integrates its events into your personal calendar. Imported calendar items:

  • are static and will not update if an event changes
  • are part of your calendar and can be edited
  • will sync with other calendars and mobile devices.