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FNCE250002 VENT CAP & FNCE INNOVAT Wessels, David 75 C 1.00 MW 10:30AM - 12:00PM L-FH AUD


Course Title: Venture Capital and the Finance of Innovation

Enrollment: 78 / 75 (Enrollment as of 7 AM this morning / Maximum Enrollment)

Prerequisites: FNCE 100 (FNCE 611) and FNCE 101 (FNCE 613); (FNCE 101 and FNCE 613 may be taken concurrently)

Description: This course covers the finance of technological innovation, with a focus on the valuation tools useful in the venture capital industry. These tools include the "venture capital method," comparables analysis, discounted cash flow analysis, contingent-claims analysis. The primary audience for this course is finance majors interested in careers in venture capital or in R&D-intensive companies in health care or information technology.

Departmental Website: https://fnce.wharton.upenn.edu/

Registration: Registration for UGR courses is handled through Penn In Touch

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