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2017C FNCE891401/LAW 908401 - ASP-Corporate Restucturing and Distress Investing

Section Title Instructor Max Status CU Qtr Meeting Location
FNCE891401/LAW 908401 ASP-Corporate Restucturing and Distress Investing SASSOWER-KAISER/Kaiser, Kevin 38 C 1.00 MW 9:00AM - 10:30AM JMHH 250


Course Title: ASP - Corporate Restructuring

Enrollment: 49 / 38 (Enrollment as of 7 AM this morning / Maximum Enrollment)

Prerequisites: FNCE 611 or 612; FNCE 613; FNCE 726 and FNCE 728 or permission of the professor.

Description: This course familiarizes students with financial, strategic and legal issues associated with the restructuring of financially distressed firms. The objective is to give students tools necessary to deal with the often-complex situation facing a failing firm. The participants will gain a basic understanding of the various options available for distressed firms, such as out-of-court workouts, exchange offers, prepackaged and pre-negotiated bankruptcies, distressed asset sales, 363 auctions, and Chapter 11 reorganization. We will explore the difference between economic and financial distress, and the implications for the restructuring process. Since bankruptcy provides a threat point for any distressed restructuring, the course reviews key issues of the legal framework governing bankruptcy and reorganization in the U.S. and internationally. Finally, we will consider distressed debt as an asset class and develop techniques for investing in distressed securities. The course is case based, providing ample opportunity to practice valuation of distressed companies, and hosts several guest speakers from the restructuring industry. It should be of interest for a range of careers, including private equity, investment banking, and turnaround management.

Departmental Website: https://fnce.wharton.upenn.edu/

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Term (# Sections) Evaluated Instructor Instructor Quality Course Quality Ability to Communicate Subject Matter Ability to Stimulate Interest Instructor Accessibility Value of Assigned Readings Amount Learned Difficulty Amount of Work Required Recommend to Major? Recommend to Non-Major?
2007A (1) Eraslan, Hulya 2.47 2.76 2.65 3.12 2.18 2.82 3.24 2.06 2.88 0.82 -na-
2011A (2) Jenkins, Mark 3.05 3.33 3.01 3.02 3.04 3.38 3.15 3.14 3.68 2.46 -na-
2016A (2) Thorburn, Karin 2.73 2.72 2.73 3.12 3.05 2.85 3.03 2.95 2.81 3.06 1.67
2017A (2) Wang, Wei 2.96 2.96 2.93 2.93 3.45 2.91 3.25 2.78 2.94 3.21 2.31
2018A (1) Kaiser, Kevin 2.82 2.61 2.64 2.91 2.95 2.71 2.55 2.82 2.91 2.73 2.29
8 -na- 2.81 2.88 2.79 3.02 2.93 2.93 3.04 2.75 3.04 2.46 2.09
There is no Supplmental evaluation data for this course.