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ACCT604001 ACCT REVIEW COURSE Hail, Luzi 875 O 0.00 S TBA TBA


Course Title: Financial Accounting (Review Course)

Enrollment: 222 / 875 (Enrollment as of 7 AM this morning / Maximum Enrollment)

Description: ACCT 604 is offered on campus in the week prior to Pre-Term and prepares students for the placement exam for ACCT 612. ACCT 612 covers the same material as ACCT 611, but in a half-semester. This course is intended for students who have the knowledge associated with the successful completion of one university level course in financial accounting, but lack the credentials or knowledge to waive the core requirement. A placement examination is given prior to Pre-Term to determine students' eligibility for ACCT 612. While ACCT 604 is not required for those who place into ACCT 612 by credential, it can, however, be a useful refresher for those who feel they should brush up on their accounting prior to ACCT 612 as knowledge of that material will be presumed by the instructor. Please note that ACCT 612 is only offered in the fall semester.

Departmental Website: https://accounting.wharton.upenn.edu/

Registration: Registration for most MBA electives is handled through the MBA Course Match. For questions about core courses or MBA electives that don't appear in Course Match please contact the MBA Program Office. Non-MBAs interested in graduate classes must work through the academic department and the MBA Program Office.

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Term (# Sections) Evaluated Instructor Instructor Quality Course Quality Ability to Communicate Subject Matter Ability to Stimulate Interest Instructor Accessibility Value of Assigned Readings Amount Learned Difficulty Amount of Work Required Recommend to Major? Recommend to Non-Major?
2009C (3) Hail, Luzi 1.92 1.95 2.21 2.44 1.44 2.00 2.15 1.96 2.22 1.78 -na-
There is no Supplmental evaluation data for this course.