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ACCT897751 TAXES AND BUS STRATEGY Blouin, Jennifer 40 O 1.00 S TBA TBA


Course Title: Taxes and Business Strategy

Enrollment: 0 / 40 (Enrollment as of 7 AM this morning / Maximum Enrollment)

Prerequisites: ACCT 611,612,613 or waiver and FNCE 611,612.

Description: The objective of this course is to develop a framework for understanding how taxes affect business decisions. Traditional finance and strategy courses do not consider the role of taxes. Similarly, traditional tax courses often ignore the richness of the decision context in which tax factors operate. The key themes of the framework - all parties, all taxes and all costs - are applied to decision contexts such as investments, compensation, organizational form, regulated industries, financial instruments, tax-sheltered investments, mergers and acquisitions, multinational, and multistate. The ultimate goal is to provide a new approach to thinking about taxes (and all forms of government intervention) that will be valuable even as laws and governments change.

Departmental Website: https://accounting.wharton.upenn.edu/

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2018B (1) Blouin, Jennifer 3.60 3.21 3.47 3.40 3.00 2.80 3.20 3.27 3.00 2.53 2.21
There is no Supplmental evaluation data for this course.