Credits and Acknowledgements

Student Development Team

Current Team Members

  • Alec Lamon - Sr. Director
  • Jason Lehman - IT Director
  • John Piotrowski - Sr. Programmer Analyst
  • Karen Leary - IT Project Leader
  • Amy Ortwein - Sr. Programmer Analyst

Previous Contributing Members of the Team

  • Dan Alig - Sr. Director
  • Kendall Whitehouse - Sr. Director
  • Dave Konopka - Sr. Programmer Analyst
  • Roz Duffy - IT Project Leader

Contributing Partners

Additional Support

  • Wharton Computing Core Systems Group
  • Wharton Computing SQL Administrators
  • Wharton Computing Coldfusion Administrators
  • Wharton Computing Media Network (Digital Services) Group
  • Wharton Computing Public Computing Group
  • Webcafe Team

Wharton Computing Managing Directors

  • Deirdre Woods - Associate Dean & CIO

  • Dan Alig - Systems, Networking & Support
  • Beverley Coulson - Administrative Support
  • Don Huseman - Academic Support & Executive Education
  • Alec Lamon - Alfred P. West, Jr. Learning Lab
  • David Siedell - Public Technology
  • Robert Zarazowski - WRDS Marketing, Research, & Support


Special thanks to Terrence Ryan, former IT Tech Director, for creating the Squidhead Project that was used heavily in the development of this version of SPIKE®.We would also like to thank our families, who have put up with late nights spent at the office and in front of our computers at home. Thank you to everybody named here and the even more who aren't for tolerating the process and helping make SPIKE® 14 possible. Icons courtesy of FamFamFam.