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New Phishing Email On Campus

posted by Wharton Computing Student Support on March 22, 2016 in WCIT

There is a new phishing email going around campus asking you to validate your account by logging into a website. The phish may look something like this:

Due to the ongoing change in our University of Pennsylvania Login page, you will be require to Validate your account login to enable us integrate your account to the new login page. Please click on the Single Sign-On link below to validate your account by signing in:


NOTE: ENTER YOUR CORRECT ONLINE ID AND PASSWORD; Failure to do this will result in temporary limited access to your mailbox.

This is not a message from Wharton Computing, and you should delete it immediately.

What to Do

If you responded to one of these, you need to change ALL of your passwords—Wharton, PennKey, O365 and email-- as soon as possible.

Wharton Computing has taken steps to block these messages, but that will only help in certain circumstances. The best defense is not to click on the link, and delete the message right away.

The Student Computing Team is available to help with any problems or questions arising from this, or other, issues.

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