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2401 Walnut


The 2401 Walnut facility exists for the primary purpose of enhancing MBA student life at The Wharton School. The building has been purposely selected for its proximity to Center City where most of our MBA students reside - making it a convenient spot for student use.

Students may use this facility for all the reasons they would otherwise need to make the trek to campus. This includes individual or group study, meetings, small gatherings, special events, club activities, and, of course, using the space to relax and spend time with each other.

It will be the responsibility of the Associate Directors of Student Life to determine whether the activities for which space is requested are appropriate, and if scheduling of a particular activity is possible. Factors that will be considered in making this decision include (1) the purpose for which space is requested, (2) whether the activity will promote the objectives of enhancing student life, and (3) if and how it affects other activities scheduled within the facility.

Below are some guidelines and policies to help everyone share the place with courtesy and respect.

General policies apply to everyone. For specific policies, please see the appropriate section below.