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MBA Teaching Commitment and Curricular Innovation Awards

The MBA Teaching Commitment and Curricular Innovation Awards are given each year to MBA faculty members in recognition of contributions to the educational experience through innovation in their courses or the curriculum. A list of nominees is generated through nominations from faculty and their academic departments; a selection committee, comprised of administrators and past winners, selects the recipients. All awards are presented during the Honor's reception at the start of the Fall semester, and the winners are recognized in the MBA Graduation Program.


  • Morris Cohen
  • Witold Henisz
  • Laura Huang
  • David Musto


  • Brian Bushee
  • Shawndra Hill
  • William Lauder


  • Alex Edmans
  • Lisa Warshaw


  • Mark Jenkins
  • Kevin Werbach


  • Jonah Berger
  • Witold Henisz
  • Ethan Mollick
  • Americus Reed


  • Sigal Barsade
  • Nancy Rothbard
  • Jennifer Blouin
  • Mauro Guillén
  • Karl Ulrich