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Flexible Core & Elective Courses

Wharton MBA students register for most flexible core and elective coursework through Course Match.

Additional information pertaining to flexible core and elective coursework, including course descriptions and syllabi, may be found in SPIKE's Courses tab or Syllabi@Wharton.

Further information as it relates to courses registered for outside of Course Match may be accessed through the links below:

Wharton Summer Courses

The following elective courses will be offered at Wharton in summer of 2015:

Summer Session I (May 26 - July 1)
Course Section Session Name Days Times Instructor CU
FNCE611 910 001 Corporate Finance MTW 0430PM-0740PM ELUL 1
FNCE613 910 001 Macroeconomics & Global Economics TR 900AM-1230PM SHABBIR 1
BEPP805 910 001 Risk Management MT 0115PM-0505PM CATHER D 1
Summer Session II (July 2 - August 7)
FNCE717 920 002 Financial Derivatives MTW 430PM-700PM ELUL 1
OPIM691 920 002 Negotiations TR 1030AM-0220PM KRONZON 1
OPIM691 921 002 Negotiations TR 515PM-0905PM KRONZON 1

The cost for summer courses in 2015 is $8,014* per credit unit plus a technical fee of $324*. Tuition charges will be billed to your Bursar's account in summer. This tuition is deducted from the bill for your last academic semester. If you are receiving financial aid, it is important that you contact the Financial Aid office in JMHH 420 to determine the impact summer courses may have on your last semester's financial aid.

* - Charges are subject to change pending approval by the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania

Coursework elsewhere within Penn

Students may take elective coursework at Penn's other schools. Students may count up to 4cu of non-Wharton, graduate-level coursework toward the MBA degree. Graduate-level coursework is usually defined as any course at or above the 500-level, however exceptions have been made for language courses designed for "advanced" students or "professionals."

If you have a question as to whether or not a course taken at another school at Penn can count toward the MBA degree, please contact your academic advisor or email mbaprogram@wharton.upenn.edu before choosing to register.

To register for coursework at one of Penn's other schools, please either follow the instructions issued by the school or send a request to enroll (including your name, PennID, and the course section number [Ex. FNAR-600-001]) to mbaprogram@wharton.upenn.edu.

For more information as it relates to coursework outside of the Wharton MBA program, we recommend the following: