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Majors at Wharton

All MBA students are required to fulfill the course requirements of at least one major. The program offers 18 MBA majors. Five credit units, specified by the academic department, are required for the most majors. (See individual department listings in the MBA Resource Guide for detailed requirements by department.) Often, one credit unit of core course counts toward a major. Most departments have limitations regarding courses taken on a pass/fail basis counting toward the major. In fact, many do not allow any credits to count if not taken for a grade. The MBA Resource Guide indicates departmental policy in regard to pass/fail courses as does the webpage titled, "Selection of Pass/Fail Status". Your major(s) will be indicated on your official transcript.

Upon entry to the MBA program, your major is what you have specified on your admissions application. Subsequent changes in a major must be submitted to the MBA Program Office in 300 Jon M. Huntsman Hall. If you wish to have a course outside the approved list of requirements count toward your major, you need the approval of the faculty member designated as the major adviser in the relevant department (look under the Where to Find Help link for a list of MBA advisers by department).

Below, we have listed the 18 majors that are available and which have specific requirements*. Following this list is a discussion of the Individualized major.

  • Accounting
  • Actuarial Science
  • Business and Public Policy
  • Environmental and Risk Management
  • Finance
  • Health Care Management
  • Information: Strategy and Economics
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Management
    • Entrepreneurial Management
    • Organizational Effectiveness
    • Management
    • Multinational Management
    • Strategic Management
  • Marketing
  • Marketing and Operations
  • Operations and Information Management
  • Real Estate
  • Statistics

*Legal Studies and Business Ethics is a course of study, but the department does not offer a major.

Individualized Majors

You may find that your course choices do not fit within the standard majors at Wharton. In this case you may plan an individualized major as an alternative to the existing majors. Wharton offers this option for students who have specific, carefully determined interdisciplinary interests and wish to acquire depth in an area not adequately covered by any of the existing majors. To pursue an individualized major, you must propose a theme, course plan, and title for the major and describe how the proposed courses address the theme. You should submit this proposal (on a special Individualized Major Request form available in 300 Jon M. Huntsman Hall and under the Forms/Surveys link) to a faculty member for approval and then file it with the MBA Program Office. When possible, this form should be submitted toward the end of the third semester in the MBA Program.

The following rules apply to individualized majors:
1. The individualized major must be a sole major; it may not be pursued in conjunction with an existing major.
2. The title of the individualized major must not sound like "general management" or like an existing major or combination of existing majors.
3. Your proposal for the individualized major must be approved by a faculty member in the relevant field and an advisor in the MBA Program Office.

Multiple Majors
If you pursue more than one major, you must complete the requirements for each major. With permission of faculty from each department, you may complete a single Advanced Study Project as the capstone to more than one major. In such cases, the ASP must contain sufficient material to satisfy the separate requirements of the respective departments. Generally, a course that is eligible for two majors may count for both majors. Additionally only two credit units may be counted from one major to another.

Joint Majors
Joint majors are designed to provide integration across multiple functional areas. These majors are supervised jointly by participating departments. The school currently offers a joint major in Marketing and Operations Management that requires 7.5 credit units of coursework