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MBA Career Fellows


Career Fellows are second year students who will have been successful in their internship and job searches and will demonstrate expertise in interviewing and networking and will provide the following services as part of the MBACM team: Conduct mock interviews and networking meetings


Career Fellows provide first and second year students the opportunity to develop and practice strong interviewing skills and build industry specific recruiting insights.�� Career Fellows offer students resume reviews, mock networking meetings, industry-specific mock interviews and actionable and specific feedback.��


35 fellows


September-March 25 Fellows and January-March 10 Fellows

Selection Criteria

1) Positive engagement with MBACM during first-year 2) Comprehensive internship strategy during first-year 3) industry or function specific recruiting strategy 4) Excellent communication skills 5) Successful internship search, partially measured by interviews and offers received 6) Summer internship experience congruent with first-year search goals 7) Prior experience interviewing job candidates. Typically 60 students apply for the 35 slots.

Information Session

Mid-March 2015 (exact date TBD)

Applications Due Date

Applications Due: September 12, 2014

Selection Process Dates

Decision Date: September 23, 2014

Commitment Time/Dates

Two trainings, 6-10 dedicated mock interview days (October and January)
10 hours for resume reviews the first two weeks in October
In addition an average of five hours per week for mock interviews outside of the dedicated mock interview days.
Mandatory training, September 26, 2014 and mid-November.
Mandatory Delivery Dates: TBD, usually the first Friday and Saturday in October. two Saturdays and four weekdays prior to January FRP. Outside of mandatory dates, Fellows must satisfy a min. of five hours per week outside the mandatory delivery dates. Optional attendance at the Employer Advisory Board Meeting, typically the first Wednesday in Dec/May

Conflicts with other Fellows programs

Past training dates conflicts with other fellow programs.