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Elective Course Lists - Fontainebleau and Singapore, 2014-2015


Structure of the INSEAD MBA Program:

  • 10 months; 5 periods (P1 through P5); 22 courses (15 core, 7 elective); 24 hours (16 class sessions) per course.
  • Two start dates: January and September; two campuses: Fontainebleau (F) and Singapore (S)
INSEAD Calendar
Jan start (F & S)
Sep start (F & S)

Policies for Wharton Students

  • Wharton students in good academic standing will be eligible for the exchange after completion of all core courses.
  • For Wharton students, the exchange credits will count towards the 19cu MBA course requirement.
  • Students will not pay extra tuition for the exchange program as long as they stay within their allotted credit limits.
  • Exchange credits may not be used to meet Wharton's core requirement. To count exchange credits towards a major, the student must obtain prior approval from the appropriate faculty advisor at Wharton.
  • The credit equivalence between the two programs is:

1 Wharton cu = 1.5 INSEAD courses

  • Wharton students must take a minimum of 3 INSEAD courses ( i.e., 2 Wharton cu) and a maximum of 6 INSEAD courses (up to 4 Wharton cu) during each period (quarter) on the exchange.
  • Students may visit either of the two INSEAD campuses for either one or two INSEAD periods. Periods 4 and 5 of the INSEAD calendar offer the best selection of electives.
  • Wharton students are eligible to take any INSEAD elective courses.
  • The academic calendars of the two schools allow Wharton students to study at INSEAD during either quarter of both the Fall and Spring semesters, plus during Wharton's Summer Session I.
  • Selection of Wharton students for the INSEAD exchange will be governed by Wharton's policies for international exchange programs. Preference will be given to students with strong academic records.

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Other Policies:

  • Exchange students will have access to Career Management Services at the host school on par with home students during the exchange period only.
  • Exchange students will be treated on par with home students (at a comparable stage in the program) with respect to registration priority for courses.
  • Students at each school will pay their own travel, housing, and all incidental expenses incurred during the exchange visit.

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