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Two-fold mission: Exceptional learning value to the students Innovative, operational plans which add value to clients. Partner schools in Botswana, Chile, China, Columbia, France, India, Israel, Peru, Spain, Taiwan and UAE. Includes in country time.

• Available to full-time MBA and Executive MBA student participants. Clients entering or expanding its position in the U.S. or other world market. The goal of the program is two-fold: to provide exceptional learning value to the students and innovative, operational plans which add value to clients.

• Top-tier MBA teams execute engagements with clients’ Senior Managers

• Varied experience/skills tailored to each client situation

Designed to provide high-level surveys of regions integral to the global economy through academic study and immersive travel experience. Group travel is prefaced by interactive class sessions featuring regional experts drawn from the Penn network. Armed with a working knowledge of the region, students engage in a multi-week study tour. The immersion element opens the door to Wharton’s global network; featuring meetings with leaders in business, government and culture, many of whom are Wharton alumni.

• Available to all full-time MBA students

The Wharton School sponsors MBA student exchanges with 19 partner institutions around the world: seven in Europe; six in Asia; one in Australia, two in Israel, one in India, and one in Brazil.

• Available to all MBA student participants

Leadership Ventures are outdoor, goal-oriented expeditions that help leaders excel in stressful and ambiguous environments. They help participants improve their capacity to think strategically, communicate effectively, and act decisively.

• Leadership Ventures use a combination of assigned readings, case discussions, and structured debriefs which stress the similarities between expeditionary challenges and the challenges that all groups, organizations, and businesses must face and overcome.

These courses are intended to provide unique educational experiences to students in a regional context that has particular resonance with the topic. The are intense, focused and of short duration. At the same time, these courses help us enrich the curriculum and research in our own campuses in Philadelphia and San Francisco.

• Available to WEMBA, Undergrad and MBA student participants.

The goals of a Career Trek are to 1) provide students access to companies that do not come to Philadelphia to recruit, 2) Strengthen the Wharton brand in different locations and industries and 3) Allow companies who may not have the capacity to recruit access to Wharton students. Recent career treks have included: PE/VC to Dubai, PE/VC to Beijing and Shanghai; Asian Investments to Hong Kong; IM and PE to Brazil, IM and PE to London; and Africa PE to London.

• Co-organized between students and MBA Career Services

Student-led treks are cultural and touristic in nature. These are totally student organized and focus on one country. For most students it is an opportunity to learn about a country hosted by students from the country. The focus is fun while learning about a particular country. Some recent treks include: Japan, India, Morocco, Lebanon, Russia, Israel, Tanzania, China, Jamaica, Peru SE Asia and South Korea.



• Only 1.5 cu class at Wharton; full course credit (1.5) in Marketing and Operations. Other majors may readily accept the GCP for credit when arranged in advance with your advisor.

• Elective credit course (0.5 CU) offered during winter break or after spring semester finals

• All courses taken on exchange are electives; Students are expected to take the equivalent of four Wharton credits on a full-semester or two Wharton credits if on a half-semester exchange

• Varies by institution

• No course credit offered

• Elective credit course Depending on length of course, .5 - 1 cu’s . The decision to count these courses toward the major is the decision of the individual departments.

• No course credit offered

• No course credit offered


• Team Grades are assigned by the faculty. Individual contributions cause a flexing up or down from the team grade. Each team member will evaluate the performance of their team. The grading is purely merit based and does not involve a grading curve.

• Pass/Fail only

• Pass/Fail only course

• N/A

Pass/fail at instructor’s discretion

• N/A

• No course credit offered


• If you are a first year student, you may not delay taking a core course to enroll in the GCP. Specifically, students cannot defer FNCE 602 to their second year.

• No prerequisites

• No prerequisites

• No pre-requisites

• No pre-requisites

• No pre-requisites

• No pre-requisites


• Quarters 2, 3, and 4 for first year students and serves as a capstone course for second year students. Trip to meet client and teammates is during Winter Break (late December-early January).

• Approximately 6 weeks of classroom-based preparatory work during Q2 or Q4 precedes a 2 week travel immersion experience

• Available for a quarter or semester depending on location

• 4-14 days depending on location

• 3-7 days "in country" not including travel time

• Depends on the student club trek

• Usually a week-9 days


• Approximately 5 Wharton + 5 Partner School teammates (+/-)

• Some group coursework required

• Depends on courses at exchange institution

• One of the foci of the ventures is teamwork and individual development. All are run in full partnership with organizations such as the U.S. Marine Corps, S.E.A., Earth Treks, Vertical, Project U.S.E. and NOLS

• varies by course

• N/A

• N/A


• November-December, consulting proposal including deliverables to which client agrees

• Devils’ Advocate presentation in January to get feedback on research methodology.

• In March April consulting progress reports and agreement with client on final deliverables.

• Final report (both oral and written) to client in May.

• Defense of the final conclusions and final recommendations in a two day meetings with clients at Wharton (Philadelphia, PA or San Francisco, CA in May.

• 3-4 on campus lectures & coursework in Quarter 2 or 4

• Final research paper; approx 8-10pages

• Completion of coursework as outlined by partner institution

• N/A

• For most courses a paper is required but specifics will vary by course.

• N/A

• N/A


• Student's cost of travel is covered (hotel, flight and per diem)

• Cost of visas, etc. are not covered

• Most of cost not included in tuition; varies by offering

• Average = $4,300, Range = $3,000-$6,000

• Clasess covered by Wharton tuition as long as you are within 21cu's

• Living expenses and travel costs not included in tuition and varies by offering

• Cost not included in tuition and varies by offering

• Several classes will require purchase of a travel package. For courses that do not, there will be a $250 course fee.

• Cost not included in tuition and varies by offering

• Cost not included in tuition and varies by offering

# of

• Up to 5 participants per group

• Up to 35 participants per section

• Varies depending on location

• Varies depending on location

• Varies depending on location

• Varies depending on location

• Varies depending on location

# of

• 14-16 projects to be offered in 2010

• 5 GIPs will be offered in 2014-2015

• 19

• 13 Ventures will be offered in 2010-11

• 12 courses  in the 2015-16 academic year

• Unlimited but it depends on the student clubs

• Depends on student interest


• NOT available in the MBA course auction

• Group application and interview required

• Registration will be conducted by lottery

• Selection for the exchange program is highly competitive. The following criteria are used, in order of importance:
-  Academic performance
-  Quality of application essay
- No failed classes or ethics violations
- Graduating class: 2nd years have preference over 1st years

• Leadership Ventures auction (rounds 1-4 only)

• 1,000 points allocated exclusively for participating in the Ventures auction (points are not replenished at any time)

• Points are not replenished at any time

•Additional registration information will be provided when the courses are announced.  A few classes will require an essay and that information will be in the course announcement. In classes that do not require an essay, if demand exceeds course capacity, we will resort to a lottery with preference to second year students.

• Varies depending on club but they are not available in the MBA course auction

• There are inform sessions for each trek followed by on line sign up



• There is a possibilty of financial aid depending on the amount borrowed but students should check with Wharton Fin Aid.

• No scholarships available

• There is a possibilty of financial aid depending on the amount borrowed but students should check with Wharton Fin Aid.

• Scholarships for the Leadership Ventures are awarded annually for each of the Ventures.

• Depending on the students individual situation, additional financial aid maybe available.

• No financial aid available

• No scholarships available

• No financial aid available

• No scholarships available


• Begins in quarter 2 through 4

• On-campus coursework = Q.2 or Q.4; travel takes place during Winter break or May

• Fall, Spring or summer depending to exchange schools' calendar

• Winter break, spring break, spring

• Winter break, spring break, spring

• Class breaks

• Winter break, spring break, spring and summer