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Guidelines for Planning Events at MBA Pub (Created July 2005)

The MBA Pub is a meeting place within the Wharton Complex that includes ample seating, a television and bar facilities. As part of the Steinberg Conference Center, the MBA Pub falls under rules and regulations set forth by ARAMARK, the third-party vendor chosen to manage the building. The MBA Pub is covered by the liquor license held for the Steinberg Conference Center. As a result, rules for serving alcohol there differ from other parts of the Wharton Complex without a liquor license.

 If you are a WGA Club that is sponsoring an MBA Pub Night, please see Appendix 2 for applicable policies.

Appendix 1

Appendix 2

All bookings for the MBA Pub must go through the Wharton MBA Program Office. Without a confirmed booking, you are not permitted to enter the MBA Pub. If you have the MBA Pub booked, you need to request the building to be unlocked by notifying the front desk at the Steinberg Conference Center at 215-386-8300.

Booking Procedures:
Send an email to the MBA Program Office at mbaprogram@wharton.upenn.edu, indicating the time and date you would like to book the MBA Pub. You will receive an email confirmation within one business day regarding availability of the MBA Pub.

Furniture Moves:
You are responsible for moving any furniture. Neither the pool table nor the television is permitted to be moved. Also, no furniture from Hoover Lounge is to be brought into the MBA Pub and no furniture from the MBA Pub is to be taken to Hoover Lounge.

Maintenance of the MBA Pub:
For the maintenance and upkeep of the MBA Pub, the following house rules must be followed:

  • No decorations are to be hung via ceiling tiles.
  • Any decorations that are hung for the event MUST be removed by the event host.
  • Masking tape is the ONLY tape that can be used for posting items on the walls.
  • Any damage incurred during the event will be charged to the event host.

Note: Additional charges may apply for any maintenance repairs and housekeeping upkeep above the normal wear & tear.

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Depending on the needs and/or size of the group, Security may be needed. Security guards are $21.14/hour and there is a 4hr minimum per guard. All student groups expecting more than 100 guests are required to book a security guard for their event.

You are responsible for bringing in any food you wish to serve in the Pub. 

Alcohol :
If you wish to serve alcohol at any event held in the Pub, you must contact Erika Stripling at erikads@wharton.upenn.edu. All alcohol must be purchased through ARAMARK, including beer, wine, and liquor. The Food & Beverage Department is responsible for ordering the alcohol. Beer must be ordered at least one week in advance. The Steinberg Conference Center consistently maintains an inventory of the pre-selected Pub wines (see Appendix 1) that are used on a regular basis. This includes 2 white wines and 2 red wines. Any other wine must be ordered at least 2 weeks in advance. Liquor must also be ordered at least 2 weeks in advance.

Proof of age with identification will be required for all patrons consuming alcohol.

ARAMARK reserves the right to cut off anyone from drinking alcohol at any time. ARAMARK also reserves the right to remove anyone from the property if their behavior is considered hostile, violent, or otherwise unacceptable.

You must use ARAMARK bartenders for all events in Pub where alcohol will be served. ARAMARK is responsible for training and providing T.I.P.S. Certified bartenders and will schedule one (1) bartender for every 40 guests. Bartenders will be scheduled 30 minutes prior to the start of the event for set-up and 30 minutes after the event for clean-up, unless the group has extensive needs and then the bartenders may be scheduled for additional time. Note that there is a 4 hour minimum per bartender so even if an event is scheduled for 2 hours, each bartender must still be paid for 4 hours. All bartenders are paid $18/hr.

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Payment for bartenders must take place prior to the start of the event. A check must be provided to the Steinberg Conference Center’s (SCC’s) Accounting Office which is located in Suite 100, Office #104. The check should be made payable to “ARAMARK”. Note that payment for the bartenders is for scheduled hours. If the bartenders work additional hours, additional charges will be assessed.

Beer and wine must be paid separately from bartender fees. There are two options for paying for alcohol: A check can be made payable to the “Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania” and turned into the SCC’s Accounting Office or a University budget code can be provided. Note that there is a 10% Philadelphia Alcohol tax added to all alcohol purchases as well as a 3% administration fee.

Pre-payment for all events is mandatory. A check must be made available for labor in advance and either a check or budget code must be provided in advance for alcohol.

Cancellation Policy:
If cancellation of this booking becomes necessary, written notification must be provided at least 24 hours prior to arrival. If the event is scheduled on a weekend, notification must be provided on the Friday before the event begins. If notification is not provided in the required timeline, the group will be responsible for all labor and alcohol charges.

Steinberg Conference Center Contacts:



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Erika Stripling


Food and Beverage


Julia McKenzie