The MBA Program Office is excited to help you transition back into academics and begin your exciting two years at Wharton! As your primary source of information for all aspects of the program, we are here to guide you through the many dimensions of the Wharton experience. We are looking forward to getting to know you in Pre-Term and over the next two years! 

This is the first in an email series that continues the communications you have previously received from the Admissions Office.  Before we get started, we want to thank the Admissions staff for all the efforts they made to bring you to the program! 

On to the news...

June 3, 2011

Getting Started

Pre-Term is just around the corner!  You should be receiving two vital publications, Get Started and the MBA Resource Guide, in the mail. These materials can also be accessed online (see the Pre-Term 2011 link on the MBA Program Office website).  

Get Started sets the stage for Pre-Term, explaining how best to prepare yourself for the next two years. We outline academic opportunities, explaining what courses you can take and how to register for them using the Pre-Term Registration Form (you will need a Wharton Account to access the form; see below for more about that).  There is a handy tear-out section of the front cover which outlines steps you need to take and  includes important deadlines.

The MBA Resource Guide 2011-2012 has the answers to most of your academic  questions. The Guide provides information about how the MBA program is designed, our academic policies, and majors and courses.

Both Get Started and the MBA Resource Guide have brief descriptions of aspects of the waiver process.  In addition, the Waiver Information Guide will provide details about requirements to waive each core course, the content of the course, and the process you must follow to waive by credential or by exam. It can be found on the MBA Program Office website, along with the Waiver Exam Guide, provides sample exams for each core course.  These guides will help you assess whether you have the knowledge to try to waive a course, determine if a waiver prep class is appropriate, and practice for the actual waiver exams.

PennKey and Wharton Accounts

Set up your PennKey and Wharton account to access vital online resources!

PennKey: The University of Pennsylvania's Information Systems and Computing Center (ISC) Data Administration sends each student a PennKey password. You use this password to create your PennKey authorization and set up your username. Carefully select your username as this will also be your username for your Wharton account and your email address. Be sure to sign up for the challenge-response password reset option.  You have a lot going on and you would be amazed at how easy it is to forget your password. The PennKey allows you to access Campus Express, an online portal that provides access to useful University services and allows you to upload your photo to the MBA Online Community.  If you have not received the PennKey setup code (and you matriculated more than three weeks ago) or your code is lost or expired, please contact our office and we can check to see when the setup code was sent and whether or not we should send you a new code. You should be aware that if we request a new code for you, the first will be invalidated. Thus, if the first code arrives, you will need to wait for the second code to set up the PennKey username and password. For security purposes, your setup code cannot be given over the phone or sent by us via email.

Once you have your PennKey authorization, you can use the same username and password to set up your Wharton account . . .

Wharton Account: A Wharton Account enables you to access our website, Career Management, and a host of other resources at Wharton. If you have not set up your Wharton account, you should do so immediately or as soon as you receive your PennKey set up code.


Upcoming Deadlines

Be sure not to miss these important date regarding enrollment.

July 1:  

  • Proof of Immunization:  The University of Pennsylvania requires that you submit a medical history and a record of immunizations.  Online access to submit forms for proof of immunization is currently available through Student Health.
  • Health Insurance is required:  You will be able to enroll in the Penn Student Insurance Plan (PSIP) or submit forms showing proof of insurance through Penn's Student Health online health system on or about July 1. Please be sure to carefully read their information about health insurance and immunization requirements (also, see page 26 of Get Started). Complying with these university requirements is necessary to matriculate in the MBA Program. To read more about PSIP, see the Student Health website.


  • Register for Pre-Term. You can find the Pre-Term registration form on the MBA Program Office website.  There are three phases to registration: 1) registering your demographic data; 2) choosing your waiver status for core courses (credential, exam, or no waiver); and 3) registering for your Pre-Term courses. You are not registered until you complete all three steps! Please note that if you do not register by July 11, we will assume that you are no longer matriculating into the Wharton MBA Program.
  • Penn ID and Wharton Online Community photo:  Upload your digital photos to the Online Commuity  to guarantee that your PennCard will be ready for your arrival. See p. 24 of Get Started for instructions. These photos tend to be used in a number of places so be sure this is an image you want circulated.  If you are a former Penn student, you will not be able to upload a new photo; just send us a digital photo. We'll see that the new photo is substituted. You might notice that your old photo shows up in our online "Wharton Community." Just follow directions for suppressing this photo if you are not thrilled about having adolescent reminders available to your new colleagues!

Watch for the Math Waiver Exam

Later this month, we will notify you of when the online math exam is available. To prepare, the faculty recommend Calculus and its Applications (11th edition), by Goldstein, Schneider, Lay and Asmar or you can also use your "favorite" business calculus text! 

Join the Wharton Book Club

Interested in a fascinating account about the behind-the-scenes events and people that spurred the 2008 financial crisis? Join the Wharton Book Club to read and discuss Michael Lewis’s The Big Short  with your classmates and faculty. Please email Lisa Rudi by June 20th in order for the book to be provided to you over the summer. 

We'll be in Touch!

Every other week you will receive a newsletter like this from us. One of those in late June  will include more detailed information about the Pre-Term schedule, your Cluster assignment, and the Learning Team Retreat.

Worried about the fact that you are traveling and may not receive these mailings? We post all of the documents in the mailings and emails on our website (see "Pre-Term" or "Quick Links").

Look for our next newsletter on June 17th.


Pre-Term is your best preparation for the two years to come.  It is your opportunity to EXPLORE: to get a handle on new subjects, to learn technical skills, to meet friends and form social circles, to investigate career options, and to settle into your new home. In fact, students who take advantage of the opportunities during Pre-Term and take Pre-term classes seriously have the easiest transition to the program. We know that it can be hard to leave home, friends, family and career, but a wealth of exciting opportunities await you!

Welcome to Wharton!  We look forward to meeting all of you in a couple of months.

The MBA Program Office Staff


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