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Section Term Instructor
MGMT610001 Fall 2017 GRANT A
MGMT610011 Fall 2017 ROTHBARD N
MGMT610003 Fall 2017 GRANT A
MGMT610008 Fall 2017 BARSADE S
MGMT610007 Fall 2017 BARSADE S
MGMT610006 Fall 2017 NURMOHAMED S
MGMT610005 Fall 2017 NURMOHAMED S
MGMT610010 Fall 2017 ROTHBARD N
MGMT610012 Fall 2017 ROTHBARD N
MGMT610002 Fall 2017 GRANT A
MGMT610009 Fall 2017 BARSADE S
MGMT610004 Fall 2017 NURMOHAMED S
MGMT610001 Fall 2016 GRANT A
MGMT610002 Fall 2016 GRANT A
MGMT610003 Fall 2016 GRANT A
MGMT610004 Fall 2016 NURMOHAMED S
MGMT610005 Fall 2016 NURMOHAMED S
MGMT610006 Fall 2016 NURMOHAMED S
MGMT610007 Fall 2016 BARSADE S
MGMT610008 Fall 2016 BARSADE S
MGMT610009 Fall 2016 BARSADE S
MGMT610010 Fall 2016 ROTHBARD N
MGMT610011 Fall 2016 ROTHBARD N
MGMT610012 Fall 2016 ROTHBARD N