Your Account, Your Wharton

Wharton's Identity & Access Management Applications are the central point for managing your account and all associated services at Wharton. Select one of the applications below or in the above menu to manage the different aspects of your account.

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Forward or unforward your Wharton email (PennO365 for staff and faculty, or Wharton Google for students), and set your from address to your Alumni Forwarding Address (students).

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Change your Wharton password (includes Wharton Google for students) using your Wharton credentials, or reset it using your PennKey credentials, and test your Wharton password.

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Account Creator

For Wharton students and Penn students taking a Wharton class, create your Wharton account, and for Wharton Computing staff, create Wharton accounts for faculty, staff, PhDs and others.

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My Account

Coming soon! View the state and services of your current Wharton account, and for Wharton Computing staff, view and modify services on existing Wharton accounts for other users.

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